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How Should Social Media Sharing Hours Be?

Best Social Media Sharing Hours, Learn What Hours You Should Not Share:

Social media has become a part of modern life today. The first and last things we do when we wake up in the morning and before going to sleep at night are to check our social media accounts. On average, internet users use 2 hours and 27 minutes of staff on social media per day, but with trends, distribution in countries can differ in this time period. While social media uses have shrunk even more since the first start of 2020 according to some, with the pandemic process, it continues to fully reign and popular members in many countries in many countries. Social media is the most important platforms that help brands and users in many areas such as interacting and earning. In a way, it has become its own pupil. Of course, there are some responsibilities that come with it to achieve all these. one of them is social media posts. We all want intense interaction of our high shares, right? Social media posts are very important in terms of interacting and growing your pages. At the same time, there are some important hours when these posts should be shared. In this article, we will talk about which of the social media posts should be banned from the media and which content should be shared at which time. In this article, we will talk about which of the social shares of the media are banned from the media and which content we share at which time. There are also some important hours when these posts should be shared. In this article, we will talk about which of the social media platforms should be banned and which content should be shared at which time.

How Should Social Media Sharing Hours Be?

Which Social Media Platform – Which Time?

Basically every platform is different from each other. These
different users interact and diversify in connection with the user base for
hours. We understand that these hours, which may vary on each platform,
generally increase the interaction of the operation after the sharing of the
passengers, and understand the comments and likes. The time interval that
receives the most interaction during the day is the posts made in the evening
hours between 18.00-21.00 and 12.00-15.00. Although geographical location,
target audience and sector in the interaction zones play a review role, we want
to talk about the best sharing hours on each generally accepted platform.

Instagram: Firstly, our opinion with Instagram. Instagram is
one of the most prominent social media platforms today. It is also one of the
platforms that help us the most in areas such as brand awareness. Instagram is
an area where many segments of many hours of the establishment of many segments
of interest and focus. Since Instagram is a platform for visual sharing
networks, shares can be made at any time. So you affect the body. However, like
every platform, Instagram has its own interaction hours. These are according to
the food we have: Weekday noon (12.00-13.00) and evening (17.00-18.00). The
time period from Friday 15.00 to Saturday 11.00 is also realised as dead time,
but as we said, to suggest that they experiment with sharing hours for each
comprehensive target audience will be different from each other.

Facebook: Another platform is Facebook. Like our exit above,
there are many exceptions. Among them is the average age of the target
audience. While daily Instagram users are the younger segment, facebook users
appeal to the more mature segment. Facebook also has a certain potential in its
field. We analyse by seeing the elderly and evaluate facebook posts as weekday
lunch hours (12.00-13.00) and weekends (12.00-14.00). The posts made in this
content are received by more users and have higher activity values.

Twitter: While Twitter is already one of the leading
platforms of today, it continues to gain more importance day by day. Twitter is
a platform used to follow what other platforms do not like and to access every
item up to date. Unlike platforms such as Instagram or Tiktok, we make more
textual posts on Twitter. As we said, we encounter a much different picture for
the hours Twitter is different from other platforms. Being aware of the agenda,
but your goal is to be aware of the agenda every day, but it progresses by
providing more interaction during our rush hours. These hours are between 17.00
and 19.00. The view of more interaction trajectory of posts made on weekdays to
weekends. Include hashtags to make it easy to follow on Twitter. Thanks to
hashtags, you can see content and posts more often and from the front. These
hashtags, which we consider very important, give us a very intense interaction
between 20.00 and 22.00.

Linkedln: One of the most important platforms is Linkedln.
Linkedln is one of the most important social media platforms that contribute
highly to the sharing and network usage of professionals for their business
life. We cannot use the social environment media much, including our family.
For this reason, we can be active in social environments before we start work
or after we leave our jobs. Since LinkedIn is a more corporate platform, we do
not use it like our other social media accounts. According to Linkedln review,
weekdays are used more actively than weekends. It is seen that the posts made
in these time periods reach more audiences and start to spread.

Tiktok: Tiktok is a platform between visual and short videos
like Instagram. Many users are actively sharing videos and images and adding
various music. Tiktok, which has become popular throughout history, can be
shared by users at many times of the day. However, like its platform, Tiktok
has some hours that are considered to be used more actively. It is used more
actively by Tiktok users on weekends to weekday correspondence. On weekends,
the activity between 18.00 and 21.00 is more intense. In other words, if you
want to share on Tiktok, you should not miss these hours and your posts can
increase the visibility of your posts more.

Why is the Timing of Media Posts So Important?

Social media platforms are one of the most effective ways
for brands to reach their target audience and for direct communication.
However, it is very important in terms of the level of interest and interaction
rates of the target audience when you share your social media posts. For this
reason, the timing of social media sharing between the social media account has
a very critical structure.

How are the Right Timing Results?

As a user, your target audience has its own interaction
times. When you catch the right times like our previous arrangement, the
interaction volume of your rooms is quite large. However, your interactive
posts are entitled to be more visible in wider circles. More followers and
visibility allows you and your brand to overtake one another in the race with
your changes. We all want a business world where we are ahead of our
competitors, don’t we? Here is where the right timing can take all these
indexes with it. There is always a phase in paying attention to our sharing

How to Make the Right Timing?

First of all, it starts with analysing the target audience
and researching social media. Geographical and Sectoral Rooms Should Be Acted
According to the Walking Rooms, Like Our Grooms Above. Apart from the sector
and geographical location, seasonal factors should also be considered. Although
it sounds strange, it is another important factor.

Why are seasonal components important and what is the effect
on sharing hours?

Apart from other factors, seasonal, ie external factors are
also very important. Now we ask ourselves what importance external reviews have
with social media sharing uses. Let’s find out together.

Each season of the year has its own separate factors. For
example, summer and spring months are the hottest days of the year. To ensure
that the weather is warm, buyers are more likely to cover and sit outdoors. We
adjust our shares and limits accordingly. Summer is known as the holiday
period. For this reason, shares are usually holiday incomes. The most suitable
time periods for sharing should be done especially on weekends and in the

Autumn and winter months, the coldest periods of the year,
are usually indoors. When some weeks of winter are holiday weeks, holiday
content can be shared again. However, winter and autumn months The right hours
for sharing are mostly morning and noon hours.

What Should I Do Not To Miss Social Media Sharing Hours?

We have social media accounts on many platforms within
themselves. If we are working and our business accounts are added to these, it
can become very difficult to share regularly. We can miss the hours and we can
be deprived of the interaction intensity of those above. For this reason, our
suggestions are as follows: a personalised weekly plan is determined. Check
this plant frequently and make your posts accordingly. Instead of determining
only the date and time for the plan, make it much easier to have the post and
content you will share ready for distribution. In this way, you will neither
miss posts nor have to stress about it.

How Do I Determine My Own Correct Interaction Time?


As we said, there are some shares that have heart-shaped
clocks by seeing the elderly, but these can be shaped according to many factors
of yours. We have some estimates to determine these factors. You need to learn
which of the shares you use to complete more interaction. For this, create a
special weekly programme for you. Analyse this weekly or monthly schedule by
sharing posts on certain days and in the past. In this way, you can examine in
more detail about your interaction rates at different times and days. You can
create a graph about how much graphical interaction in which time zones and on
which days. Thanks to this graph, you can benefit from the most useful days and
hours regarding your sharing times for your network.

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