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Magnet started its business life as a digital agency to understand the customer in today's trends and continues by transforming it into a digital communication consultancy. As a consultancy, our digital marketing and communication solutions are designed to deliver business results across multiple industries and specialties. As Magnet, we start with a question: What is the problem you need solved or the goal you want to achieve? We then bring human-centered design and thinking to our clients, questioning what others might assume and providing creative solutions to deliver the best business results. As experts in our services, we bring deep experience, insight and a holistic perspective to help our clients deliver value and impact to their organizations and target audiences.



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Our Specialties

Magnet offers customized solutions that combine the best of digital research and analytics, as well as strategic planning and insights.


Your data is everywhere and easy to get, but it is our job to strategize, apply and evaluate it.


We help customers navigate the sea of data and use it intelligently. We know what data you need, how to get it efficiently and how to turn it into solutions for your communication and marketing business goals. Learn more about our analytics capabilities...

Leveraging the best of what's been done so far and deep audience insights, Magnet offers the industry's broadest range of B2B communications and marketing capabilities under one roof. Learn more about our B2B capabilities...

At Magnet, we bring together all the stars from digital, motion, music, advertising, sports, communications and analytics. We support our clients around the world, helping them produce creative content every day. We work with strong brands to help them stay strong and some of them become strong brands.

Using analytics and measurement to achieve the results you want, Magnet creates meaningful content across all channels to engage your target audience.

People are at the center of everything we do. You need a highly qualified communications agency to keep up with today's second-by-second changing trends.

We have experience in traditional and non-traditional digital environments. We shape compelling stories, position you the way you want to be positioned and move you forward.

When you need to take an important step, we give you all our experience, with experts who think and act both globally and locally.

Our people are our most important stakeholders. We work closely to help our customers make sense of their business, develop, grow and communicate.


Through creativity, communication, analytics, change management, learning strategies and programs, we drive transformation and engage people to help their organizations succeed.

Magnet offers content to brands to make them a strong and lasting brand beyond providing services that can move them forward. Our team of industry experts works to bring our customers' organizations to life and reach the targeted people.

The Magnet team helps people and brands create a story for themselves and advises on successfully communicating their story through various platforms. Magnet creates and implements strategies that build reputation and drive your goals in digital environments.

Using audience analytics, Magnet analyzes brands' goals and determines their communication strategies. Whether "micro" or "macro", we apply the best digital communication approach for the target audience GenZ and Millennials.

We help our clients anticipate vulnerabilities and provide strategic advice for various crisis situations in almost every industry.

We live in an age where information is shared instantly and transparent communication is easily accessible. Reputation management Reputation includes terms such as "control, protect, preserve, protect and manage".

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