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We produce Digital Communication Strategies that can trigger growth in line with our brand's target.

Our approach is to integrate the brand objective with the brand's value proposition and communication strategy.

Digital Media Planning and Purchasing

Digital advertising is the promotion of your services in many digital media, increasing your sales and brand awareness.

Social Media Planning and Management

It is the announcement of your content to your followers on social media channels and the representation of your corporate identity on digital platforms.

E-Commerce Management and Media

E-commerce is the process of selling products that can be produced, offered or bought and sold on websites, web marketplaces, social media by establishing infrastructures instead of physical environments.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

The purpose of SEO is to optimize our website according to the keywords we create in parallel with our products or services.

Influencer/ Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the promotion of companies' own services and products through people who have gained the trust of people on digital channels.

Web Design and Content Management

Web design is the design of your website, which represents your corporate identity in the digital environment, using the optimum use of up-to-date technological infrastructure.

Digital Meets / Digital Organization

With webinars and digital events, you can announce your product launch or your brand to many more people than physical organizations.

Digital Design / 360° Digital Agency

Digital is the presentation of various donations, i.e. your core values, to your stakeholders by making them available for display in electronic media

Our teams are purpose-built around our clients' business challenges and bring very design-oriented creative thinking to every phase of projects.

As industry experts, we bring deep experience, insight and a holistic perspective to help our clients deliver value and impact to their organizations and target audiences.




Magnet Amsterdam

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MAGNET has evolved from its roots as a digital communications agency to a full-service communications consultancy to meet client needs in the modern global economy. As a consultancy, our marketing and communications solutions are designed to deliver business results across multiple industries and specialties.

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